Ankara series T-Shirt Design
Advertising Agency: RDB Creative Group​​​​​​​

Executive Creative Director: Tughan Garip
Creative Director: Emrah Dogru
Art Director: Mert Ozkaner
Copywriters: Hande Cevikoz, Selin Hamamciyan
Mavi Jeans has created a special line; which projects Ankara culture within popular city locations and also well-known quotes.
"La Bebe"
A common street mouth quotation in Ankara.​​​​​​​
"Bir gün herkes Ankara'nın dolmuşuna binecek."
Neighbourhood minibuses are full of colours and surrounds you with their sense of music.​​​​​​​
"Mecliste inecek var!"
Turkish Grand National Assembly is located in capital Ankara. Minibus stop near assembly is therefore most popular one.
"Angora değil Ankara kedisiyiz."
"Ankara cats" are one of a kind cat specy. 
Located in Turkey and known that first ancestors comes from Ankara,Turkey.
The specy is known in Europe as "Angora cat". They've really long and fluffy fur as well.

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